Visa & Immigration

Relo Services takes care of your people as well as all of their delicate needs.

All runs smoother when you know you are working within and compliant to the immigration laws of each and every country.

Following and adhering to the correct immigration process reduces risk and is most essential for your corporate image abroad.

Applying for a visa today is a very complicated and confusing process with various rules and regulations to take into consideration, for this, it is very important to have expert advice regarding your visa, so it will be accepted.

Remember you will need a very diligent partner like Relo Services that follows all changes in the international immigration laws and will keep a close eye on your assignees’ even in case there is a change in their work status.

With hands-on local knowledge, Relo Services makes the immigration process easier, we guide your employees and their families through what could be considered a confusing procedure – we deliver faster with compliant results.

Our goal is to coordinate and manage the visa and immigration process with the local authorities on behalf of the assignee. During this process, Relo Services will liaise with the assignees HR dept to make sure all visa and immigration permits are compliant with local requirements.

We take care of all the complex tasks for you:

  • Processing entry Visa and immigration application
  • Work & residence permit processing and submission
  • Translations, Appostilles
  • Visa and Immigration Re-entry permit
  • Full legalisations of visa and immigration documentation
  • Local registration if required

Relo Services professionals are experts in the local bureaucratic requirements, we are able to help accelerate and most of all simplify the immigration process on your behalf.

Relo Services international experience combined with the vigilance of our relocation professionals fully ensures we maintain high expertise in immigration laws that are related to the countries where you send your employees.

Our strengths

50 years of experience

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