We provide you with a large and fully equipped warehouse for handling and storing your household goods, belongings, works of art and documents for short or long periods.

Its 1,300 square meters of surface allows for an overall storage capacity of 5,000 cubic meters.

Relo Services has invested a lot in state-of-the-art storage facilities which provide the best possible protection for your employees’ household items and personal effects.

If the family needs a place to store their belongings, we have full containerized storage which reduces handling and the possibilities for damage, it can be short-term or long-term.

Our crews will pick up the necessary personal items, load them onto our trucks and final deliver them to our secure storage facilities in Italy or abroad.

Our storage managers are in continuous contact with our clients to let them know that all is okay and their goods have been stored accordingly as per their request.

Relo Services facilities are designed to high specifications that guard against fire, pests, water damage and theft control.

Secure by design, our facilities are storage facilities are fully secure with gated premises, CCTV, and 24-hour security. Access is restricted to authorized Relo Services personnel only.

Relo Services has a range of storage services to help meet your needs: 

  • A size limit of your shipment
  • You may need to vacate your home for a period before moving
  • You have to go into a short term rental accommodation at your new destination until your new residence is ready
  • You decide to rent your home while you are away and you do not want to leave it furnished
  • You have to travel before you reach your final destination. 

Whatever the reason may be to store your goods, Relo Services provide a professional and cost-effective storage structure for your personal items.

Our strengths

50 years of experience

Handling of partial or complete moving

Packing material designed for any need

Dedicated Move manager

Certified partners all over the world

Member of all the main moving networks