Records management

Relo Services Records Management is one of many business divisions of Relo Services, we work with small and large corporates in Italy.

Corporates know today that managing information effectively is most valuable, but it can also be a very time-consuming and costly effort.

As a respectable company in Records Management, Relo Services Records Management division is able to assist corporates to meet their challenges of information management in a very dynamic and changing world.

We have the facilities and knowledge to bring order into effective records management storage, we manage many thousands of business records today, and is constantly growing. 

Our services include:

  • Business information storage
  • Imaging, data conversion & data hosting, consultancy
  • Secure destruction services

Complete Information Management Services

Relo Services will take care of all your corporate information if it is printed, or in a digital format, we follow all the information throughout its entire lifecycle, from setting up and or creation even to possible long-term storage or final document destruction.

Our main scope after many years of experience is to assist all corporates today on how to better manage their data information.

Our facilities today allow us to offer very consistent and high-quality records management services.

Digital Imaging

Scanning documents makes them available immediately, but we can also have digital technology, which will take you further. Digitizing printed or even handwritten information immediately multiplies your possibilities in using your own information.

Document Management

Relo Services management system is used for all hard copy documents, and or files, our storage cartons provide easy access to the information that has been stored inside your archive. Most of all, it gives you the security and peace of mind of knowing that all the information that we have stored is safe and can be retrieved when you need it.

Data Destruction

Protecting all corporate personnel files, your clients and your image from a possible information leak or loss is now a very legal matter. For this, we adhere to a very strict process in data destruction.


Relo Services consulting professionals have almost 2 decades of records management experience in assisting corporates deal and cope with all the necessary practical issues, and legalities and or risks that may arise of managing large quantities of corporate data.

IT Integration

Having full control of data information sounds like an unreachable goal for corporates today, but with careful planning and strict processing of archived data, now it is possible to have all data visible on the network.

Our strengths

50 years of experience

Handling of partial or complete moving

Packing material designed for any need

Dedicated Move manager

Certified partners all over the world

Member of all the main moving networks