Pets transport

We help you to move your pets from and to other countries, paying the outmost attention to their needs and making our friends’ experience pleasant and positive. We offer a door-to-door service, picking your pet up from your home and delivering it to the new domicile.

Moving your family pet can cause a lot of anxiety for both you and your animal. Relo Services strives to decrease your worries by minimizing the stress on your pet when traveling to another country.

Relo Services through our dedicated pet partners will assist you in finding the safest and most reliable forms of transportation for your domestic pets throughout our international network of pet movers.

Our dedicated pet partners will instruct you on all the paperwork needed, as well as the inspections that will need to be done by your VET, including all the necessary injections and most of all the travel options available. 

Our dedicated pet movers will also inform you of the correct types and forms of pet carrier cases to be used for travel, these cases have been individually selected for the size and weight of your pet, this ensures that your pet is safe and most of all very comfortable throughout the entire flight. 

On shipping day, our dedicated pet mover will inform you of the time your pet will be personally picked up and then taken to the airport directly in good time, without any delay before the plane leaves.

Our strengths

50 years of experience

Handling of partial or complete moving

Packing material designed for any need

Dedicated Move manager

Certified partners all over the world

Member of all the main moving networks